Cheese Curds

Artisan Cheeses, Milk & Yogurt

Everyone loves this fun and simple snack, it’s healthy, mess free and delicious!

We make fresh cheese curds ready for pick up on the farm at 3:30 pm every Thursday!

Did you know?

Curds squeak when they are freshest and at room temperature!

Ideally, you want them right off the farm in their first 48 hours of life. If you place the bag in your fridge to preserve, you will lose the ‘squeak’ but don’t worry; your cheese will maintain it’s deliciousness for another week.

Curds are also famous in Canada, and enjoyed in a classic Canadian dish known as Poutine; consisting of french fries and curds, which are then topped with gravy!

Available in plain, bacon, red pepper, garlic and jalapeno.

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